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We’ve supported 1000 people back into work.  Let us help you get there.

The M3 Job Club offers its members ‘Get Back to Work’ workshops, coaching and mentoring, so you can learn all the skills needed to shine in today’s jobs market.





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Welcome to the M3 Job Club

Helping you to find the employment of your choice through local business connections.




Whether you’ve just been made redundant or looking to return to work, we can help. At the M3 Job Club, we’re a community-based charity made up of a voluntary group of experienced and enthusiastic professionals who donate their time for free in support of our members; to help you find your way to employment of your choice through invaluable and positive support in an enthusiastic structured but informal environment.

When you join us at the M3 Job Club, you can expect friendly professional advice from our excellent group of partners and volunteers – from a variety of HR, coaching and people development backgrounds. Based in Basingstoke, you’re invited to join us weekly on a Friday, although we also welcome members from across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. We’re proud to foster an environment where people can contribute without pressure, and make you feel that you are not alone as you go through the challenge of seeking your next role.

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"Our philosophy is to empower our members to take control for themselves, to rebuild confidence and self belief which comes from them being proactive. It was no accident that three of us from the start were/are professional coaches. Our programme is delivered by coaches and trainers who understand this and we've been very selective over the years to involve those who are on board with our approach.”

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There are several ways to donate to the M3 Job Club, both financially and through providing beneficial services.

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There are several ways to donate to the M3 Job Club, both financially via monthly Direct Debit or single donations, or providing professional services that are beneficial to our members.