Friday 29th June was the last day as M3 Job Club Administrator for Judith Boyd.

Judith officially joined M3JC as Administrator in November 2016 and brought a vibrancy and energy in combination with her abilities to connect and relate to our members. With her extraordinary talent to speak five languages, this too came in handy when speaking to some of our members from various countries who are seeking employment opportunities in the UK.

Over time, Judith has created many friendships with a number of members and been there to listen to many stories of members who just wanted someone to share a confidential experience with, demonstrating Judith’s empathy and understanding, two key qualities in being an Administrator for M3JC.

Judith’s passion for the role has helped take us forward in several areas and we’ve benefited from her writing abilities as well, skills that I have no doubt will deliver benefits for her new venture in future.

We were excited to hear that only last week, Judith had been offered a new position at Bishop Challoner school as a Learning Support Assistant, and we wish her every success in the new role. We are sure that the students and school will quickly realise they made the right choice to take her on.

I and the trustees would like to express our sincere, heartfelt thanks to Judith for all her hard work, passion, commitment and support over the last circa 2 years and wish her every success in the future in her new role.

Judith, although no longer in an official capacity as Administrator, will be staying on for a short while to continue to volunteer with M3JC to support our new Administrator as announced in mid-June, for which we are extremely grateful.

As of 2 July 2018, Lorraine Stonehouse took over the reigns as Administrator who a number of you will already have heard from or met in recent weeks as she’s been very kindly volunteering her time with us over the last month or so to ensure a smooth transition. You can read more about Lorraine on our website.

Thanks Judith, we’ll miss you.

M3JC Trustees