Trevor Band 

Trevor has spent over 25 years in the IT industry during which he experienced the ups and downs of redundancy 3 times. In recent years, he has run his own management consultancy specialising in project management and organisational development. When the opportunity arises, Trevor lectures at master’s degree level at a London University. His spare time is taken up with restoring a classic motorbike and studying for an advanced diploma in Canine Behaviour Management.

Trevor hosted and presented for M3JC for several years until 2018.  We are delighted to welcome  him back tomorrow morning and are sure you will really enjoy and value his inspiring and thought provoking session.  Here are the details:

14 August (10am)– Securing Work in a Mad, Mad, Mad World

Making Sense of the Powerful Forces that Affect Today’s Job Market

Seeing New Value in Your CV

Understanding Your Capacity to Influence Recruiters and Employers

Maintaining a Plan of Action

Business Presenter: Trevor Band, Management Consultant,

Lecturer in Business Strategy

What our members say…

“A really great session with lots of food for thought. I will certainly review my back to work plan.” 

“Insightful advice and knowledge on mental prep and job hunt planning.”

“An intense session with lots of good information.”

“Enjoyed Trevor’s presentation. Very refreshing approach:

    • Understanding emotions – useful tools and strategies.
    • Understanding your contact – market, technology etc.”

“Good to encourage reading, gaining insight into your market. Using ‘surprise’ in a positive way.”

“Excellent session, very well presented. Think out of the box. Importance of emotions, feelings.”

“Really enjoyable. Highly Informative! Extremely helpful and thought provoking – I will research/contemplate and develop this further with personal application.”

“Excellent session, lots of food for thought! Thank you!”

­­­­”Trevor Bland – Winning Work. Made me think about writing a new plan to get a job!”

“Feeling happier now!”