Zoom Invitations have gone out and we can’t wait for you to join us for our session this week, The Recruiter’s Perspective brought to you by Amanda Fisackerly…

“Seeking work is hard, whether in employment, under risk of redundancy, unemployed or self-employed. For most, it occurs infrequently and generally when things are already stressful. It requires a specific set of skills and expertise and most people don’t have those skills and expertise ready to go, in their personal competences kit-bag. As a recruitment consultant, I found that even the most confident found the process lonely, frightening, challenging and frustrating.  I realised that most of my time with the applicant was focused on coaching them to be the best they could be, in the shortest time possible, so that they could make the best of the opportunities they selected. M3JC provides a non-judgemental, welcoming space for its members to access a tested, structured, practical job-skills and techniques framework in a friendly yet professional supportive network environment which is effective in helping them find a new role whilst greatly enhancing members lives.

The opportunity to contribute volunteer-led sessions for M3JC’s members is an honour and a privilege and meets my need to make a difference in people’s lives.”