Join us this Friday at 10am for The Entrepreneur’s Mindset with George Scott-Welsh, Chief Operations Director of Incuhive Group

George has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to work for himself. He spent nine years in London working in the property industry with the intention of making enough money to go it alone. At 30 he left London and co-founded Kiss Gyms, a low-cost award-winning gym chain. Kiss currently has three very profitable sites in Acton, Swindon and Milton Keynes and George sits on the board. With a desire to hedge all that healthiness, George bought and redeveloped a Pub, Restaurant and Hotel once famously owned by Keith Floyd in Totnes, Devon. George has been involved in several start-ups, and can currently be found at Incuhive where he is the Chief Operating Officer. His current role involves helping the many start-ups across IncuHive’s five co-working sites with strategy and business modelling and he also runs The Beesnest, IncuHive’s version of the Dragons Den.

So, if you’re thinking about a Business…0r just curious about exploring your options, please join us for Advice, Guidance and Support from Business Incubation to Navigating the Whole Process.

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