I cannot find the words to thank you enough for the unexpected impact you have had on my life.  In the short time I have had the privilege to be part of your group I have encountered something that I can only describe as a monumentally transformational experience.


COVID took a lot from a lot of us, but unfortunately for me it impacted an already hugely challenging scenario.


In the midst of mayhem, accepted as part if your sessions, you gave out a gift that can never be quantified by the life changing perceptive you so kindly without question bestowed upon me. It takes very special people indeed to turn around a negative to a positive, something you are all part of on a day to day basis, without any question or hesitation. I am humbly privileged to have met so many inspirational members of your job club, they never cease to surprise me with the energy that they bring and the impact that they leave….. effecting all on the journey.


You guys Rock!


Gayle (permission has been obtained to share this testimony with you)