Our Wellbeing and Resilience Workshop with Lynda Cant is this coming Wednesday 10th February 10 am to 4 pm.


Please have a look at the attached flyer for more information:


Here are some feedback comments for our Wellbeing and Resilience workshops:


“Enabling me to refocus with tools to assist”

“Lynda is very clear and engaging”

“I would recommend to everyone!  It’s a life skills which we all need to benefit from and refresh ourselves with.  Thank you so much for the informative and thought provoking session”

“Understanding the triggers and drivers which affect us on a daily basis and also how to plan and address these forces.

“Excellent course and wonderfully delivered over Zoom which must be a challenge!”

“The most valuable aspect of this workshop for me has been the all new tools and techniques to go and practise which I think will help me feel even better in the long run.”

“Spending time with an inspiring and uplifting coach, and with others who are in a similar situation and realising I am not alone.”

“I have taken away tools to remind myself of positive and successful moments or achievements and re-visiting these moments when times are tough.”

“During these tough and challenging times, I have been lucky enough to attend a Resilience and Wellbeing Workshop hosted by Lynda Cant.  Through this workshop, Lynda provided an abundance of tips and tools for dealing with the stress of our times.  By following and working with advice and tools given, I find that I am sleeping better, I have more positive state of mind and outlook to the future.  Thank you Lynda.”

“The facilitator (Lynda Cant) guided the session and helped draw out the best of each participant. VERY POSITIVE!!!”

“This workshop helped with realizing my worth and how I can use that to my advantage in an interview. “

“Apart from knowing that there are others in a similar boat to me, my biggest value has been learning the tools on creating a positive mindset, clearing your mind before sleep by planning for the next day and breaking down bigger tasks to small steps to get things done.”

“Lynda is a marvel. Her knowledge of the brain along with her positivity and guidance on how you can change your mindset to help you get what you want is amazing.  Sometimes these types of courses can seem overwhelming with jargon and phrases you just do not know – today I understood every word.  Thank you.”

This workshop is funded by Basingstoke and Deane District Council for M3JC Members only (if you are at risk of redundancy or have been made redundant and completed our online application form) 

If you would like to join us, please complete our Workshop Application to secure your place as soon as possible to give us time to send you any additional information before the workshop day.  Here is the link: