We have more good news from a member who has recently started a new permanent role:

“Firstly, thank you. I am so relieved to say I have a JOB!!!

Redundancy left me reeling for a very long time. Needless to say that all of you, as well as the leads (some with you) on the individual workshops like LinkedIn, CV Conundrum, Goal Mapping, Mock Interviews, Personal Mapping etc,  have given me the tools, have simply empowered me, to be confident and know my worth! And to go forth and apply for jobs properly, without the knee jerk reaction I had initially. You have all gathered me within your wings, slapped me about a bit saying you ‘are worth something you silly woman!’ and released me to fly off with another type of wind beneath my wings. That of my own making.

So am waxing lyrical here. Just wanted to impart my thoughts as they are fresh in my mind!

I believe that every single county should have a group like this, people like you to help guide and mentor them to find their new pathways.

Best wishes, and I hope I will get to meet you face-2-face when it’s finally allowed, in Basingstoke.” Rohini K

(member permission was obtained to share this testimony).