Wellbeing and Resilience 5.5.21

Good evening,

Our Wellbeing and Resilience Workshop with Lynda Cant is on Wednesday 5th May (10am – 4pm)

Here are some feedback comments for our Wellbeing and Resilience workshops:

“Helpful session to reframe your mind and feel good about yourself.”
“Thank you to Lynda and participants…particularly at this isolated time, it’s great to meet other professionals in the same position as myself.”
“A really good course that made focus on physiological aspects.”
“Very useful session, thank you very much for organizing and offering to people.”
“Great tools and tips given”
“Being part of the M3 club has been so valuable during this really difficult time.  To be able to speak to other members and share help, advice, jobs and support has been a lifeline to me over the last few months, especially with the isolation of Covid and the mental health impact this has had on me.”
“Spending time with an inspiring and uplifting coach, and with others who are in a similar situation and realising I am not alone.”
“Excellent course and wonderfully delivered over 200 minutes which much be a challenge.”
“Thank you so much for the informative and thought provoking session.”
“Lynda is a very positive, wise and warm facilitator. This has been a great day learning tools that will stand me in great stead for job hunting”.
“Lynda is a marvel. Her knowledge of the brain along with her positivity and guidance on how you can change your mindset to help you get what you want is amazing.  Sometimes these types of courses can seem overwhelming with jargon and phrases you just do not know – today I understood every word.  Thank you.”

If you would like to join us and need the link to apply, please email info@m3jobclub.co.uk


Thank you.