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Our funded Goal Mapping Workshop (full-day via Zoom) with Nikki Wild is on Wednesday 15th September starting at 9.30am.
Please take a moment to view our Goal Mapping testimonial from one of our previous workshop delegates

Goal Mapping Workshop
In a fast changing world, being able to set and achieve goals is a master life skill. Learning all the technical and soft skills for a role is only part of the success recipe and it can be easy for people to lose sight of their original dreams and aspirations for their career as the immediate demands of life take over.
This enlightening workshop introduces the tool which is helping millions of individuals worldwide and is being used by Companies such as BT and Microsoft to achieve accelerated success time and time again!

Some of our member feedback:

A welcome break from the slog of job searching. Feeling energised and more positive.” “Value: Power of positive thinking; unlocking the subconscious to realise the true things we want to achieve.” “I’ve done a few interpersonal style workshops and this was the most useful and enjoyable.” “Recommended for anyone struggling to achieve a goal, especially getting back into work.” “I attended the workshop as I am currently unemployed and looking for the next job in my career.” “This methodology not only helps with this it but it will go beyond and support in other aspects and times of my life.” “Most valuable aspect. Seeing your map in graphic form, seeing what you need to do to achieve a certain goal” “Taking time to stop and think about where you wish to end up.”

The workshop is a full day workshop with two coffee breaks and 45 minute break for lunch.

If you would like to join us, please email for the link to our online Workshop Application. Please complete this form as soon as possible in order to secure your place.

Thank you.