Dear M3JC Member,

Are you continuing to find your way back to the workplace and your next career move? Do you feel it’s like ‘wading through treacle’?  We at the M3 Job Club are here to help with our 16-week programme.

A reminder below of what this Semester has to offer and what it means to you and your job search and confidence on that road.

3rd September – Career Vision and Job Plan
Key areas covered:
Know your Start Point//Define your Purpose
Know your Motivations//Create your own Action Plan
Business Coach: Nikki Wild, Director,
What’s in it for you?
You’ll come away with, renewed energy,  a solid plan developed under the guidance of Nikki Wild and a good understanding of what is important to you, why and how to go about getting it! Sound good? See you there.

10th September – Positive Mindset
It’s not what happens to us that matters most – it’s what we make it mean
Changing negative thinking to a positive way releases us from the prison of our mind
Changing our mindset is about interrupting the habits and patterns that no longer serve us
This session will give you tips on how to do this
Business Coach: Lynda Cant, Director
What’s in it for you?
Come at your search with your mindset readjusted to POSITIVE. This session will give you the methodology and understanding of how to release that tension and get your focus on track.

17th September – CV Writing and Marketing Yourself
CVs and their Impact //Composing your CV – Different Formats
Profile Statement//Transferable Skills//Covering Letter
Business Coach: Amanda Fisackerly, Recruitment Specialist & Career Coach, Fizz-biz
What’s in it for you?
Learn the tricks of the trade for creating tools that will grab the attention of potential employers and recruitment agencies alike. Stand out from the others. Make yourself a very attractive proposition. Our members who have employed these methods have raved about the success of doing so..

24th September – The CV Conundrum
A Panel of Local Business Experts Constructively Review Member CVs
How to Grab the Attention on a CV//The Do’s and Don’ts in CV Writing//How to Engage with Recruiters and What They Look For
Facilitator: Maxine Hart, Director, M3JC Trustee
Expert Panel: To Be Confirmed
What’s in it for you?
Not sure if your CV stands out in a crowd? Then put yourself forward to have your CV critiqued by a panel of business experts.. Be brave… and reap the rewards! Its not just you who learns some valuable tips and pointers but all who attend this session.

1st October – Personal Positioning and How to Stand Out in a Crowd
Define your Unique Blend of Strengths, Skills & Talents //Identify What You Will Be Famous For//Define Your Personal Strapline
Business Coach: Nikki Wild, Director,
What’s in it for you?
Understand what you have to give and how to put this across in an elegant, succinct and powerful way! Unmissable. I learn something new every time I attend.

8th October – Using LinkedIn as a Job Seeker
Help your LinkedIn Profile Promote you//Find the Companies you want to Work for
Get your Expertise on Show//Tap into Your Network and do you Homework
Get Prepared for your Interview
Business Coach: Steve Mills, Director,
What’s in it for you?
LinkedIn is without doubt the No.1 business tool you can have in your armory. You will come away from this session with an in-depth understanding of not just how to present yourself but how to engage with those who can support and help you with your job search. This is NETWORKING at its business best and Steve will guide you to be the best you can be in the arena. Engage with business people who will make a positive impact on your next career move. Steve also runs a one-day funded workshop which is a no-brainer follow-on to this session!!

15th October – The Recruiter’s Perspective
How to Market Yourself to Recruiters//Understanding the Objectives of Recruiters and What Recruiters Look For//Interacting with Recruitment Agencies
Business Presenter: Amanda Fisackerly, Recruitment Specialist & Career Coach, Fizz-biz
What’s in it for you?
Recruiters have a tough job. They are generally target oriented and will consider those who stand out in their approach. Amanda will share with you how to make sure you are not overlooked but indeed put on the ‘yes’ pile for their opportunities. Sound good and relevant? This session will help you understand how to deliver the most compelling reason for ‘Why you’

22nd October – Sharing and Connectivity – Harness The Power of the Group
A session to help and support each other whilst searching for employment in these unprecedented times
A time for open discussion//Connect and Share experiences and come prepared to share yours
Please come prepared to share the following information:
Your Name //How you are feeling?//What you want to talk about // What you hope to take away from the session
Business Presenter & Facilitator: Gill Cheesewright with Lynda Cant and Maxine Hart
What’s in it for you?
Networking is without doubt the best way to find your next role. Identifying a ‘buddy’ or buddies and/or mentors to support you on your journey is very powerful…chatting through good and bad experiences with others makes you feel less alone and it’s good to talk and share! This workshop delivers just that … the opportunity to identify someone or a small group to network with. This is a very hands on workshop – you will discuss via breakout sessions and feedback on the output from those breakouts.

29th October – Introduction to Goal Mapping
In a fast-changing world, being able to set and achieve goals is a master life skill.
Learning the technical and soft skills for a role is only part of the success recipe and it can be easy for people to lose sight of their original dreams and aspirations for their career as the immediate demands of life take over.
This enlightening workshop introduces the tool which is helping millions
of individuals worldwide and is being used by companies such as BT
and Microsoft to achieve accelerated success time and time again.
Business Coach: Nikki Wild, Director, Wild Empowerment Ltd and M3JC Trustee
What’s in it for you?
This session is a deep dive into the most important element of your job search and career aspirations. Set your goals! Develop a plan to guide you along the path with clearly defined achievable steps. Learn the tricks to help you think through what’s important to you. Output will be a tangible plan for you to keep, review and work to. This session is supported with a day long Goal Mapping funded Workshop run by Nikki. Unmissable!

5th November – Your Voice Your Power
Everyone has a unique message within //Not Everyone is mindful of its existence
Calvin will show you how to get clear on your message//How to make it relevant to your audience // How to deliver your message with impact
Business Presenter: Calvin Niles, Communication Coach and Mindful Storyteller
What’s in it for you?
This session will help you to unleash to inner powerful person that you are and how you can put this across! Understand what your message is and how to succinctly put this across in a compelling fashion. Understand how your message and persona will be received. This is a very interactive session even on Zoom and Calvin is a powerhouse in his field.

12th November – Hello, is it me you’re looking for?
How to Find Out What Employers Are Looking For//How to Match Your CV To the Job Role
Using Key Words Not Same Words – Why It Is So Important
This Is a Questions and Answers Session. Please Bring Your Questions
Business Presenter: Maxine Hart, Operations Director of Wote Street People
What’s in it for you?
As a Director of one of the largest recruitment agencies in the area, Maxine will focus your attention of how to stand out in the crowd from the Agency/employer perspective. This session firmly puts you in the driving seat of presenting a focused picture relevant to many different job opportunity scenarios

19th November – Who Moved My Cheese?
How Different People React to Change//What to Do When “Your Cheese Moves”
How to Overcome the Fear of Changing //How to Find “New Cheese”
Tapping into Resources You Didn’t Know You Had to Help //Move with the Cheese and Enjoy it
Business Coach: Diarmaid Fitzpatrick, Director, Inspiring Enterprises
What’s in it for you?
Finding new cheese is something we often fear as it involves CHANGE! This session is very interactive surrounding the book ‘Who Moved my Cheese’ and its messages. Diarmaid will explore with the attendees what is important to you… what do you fear and how does the story resonate with your thinking?

26th November – Winning Work in our Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Employers and Employment in a Post-Covid World//The Art and Science of Job Hunting
Discovering Your Working Identity//The ‘W-Framework’ – Your Next Employer, Closing the Gap
Business Presenter: Trevor Band, Management Consultant, Lecturer in Business Strategy
What’s in it for you?
This session puts a very different perspective on adding tools to your armory. Pointers to where you sit on a scale of 1-5 in 4  areas of job and employer approach. What are they looking for and where do you sit on how you deliver? The ‘W Framework’ is a methodology for achieving these tools plus other industry pointers in the Art of Job Hunting.

3rd December – The Practicalities of Working for Yourself
Self-Employment Versus Limited Company//Financial Record Keeping and HMRC. //Setting Up Your Own Business//Taking the Consultancy Route
Business Presenter: Patricia Fox, Figurefox
What’s in it for you?
Taking the self employed route is often a great choice, but how do you go about it and what are the ‘bear traps’ and needs/musts to help you establish your business successfully.  What category do you identify yourself with? And what are the expectations surrounding each?  Patricia, with her wealth of experience in this area, will guide you through this very valuable option for your career path.

10th December – Enhancing Communications and our End of Year Celebration!
Come along and join our end of year celebration! The agenda is always full of interesting local government as well as business speakers. Time to Christmas right here!

We look forward to welcoming you to our next session very soon!