Good evening,

We are looking forward to welcoming our members to our session on Friday morning and hope that you can join us!

Session Content will be as follows

So many articles start “New Year – New You! “ in January.  Not sure I agree.

Having to adapt your personality or belie your ethics is exhausting, so why not find a role where you are accepted “just as you are”?

How do you do that?  How do you develop your CV profile, Overture, whatever you want to call it?

Well, join my presentation on “Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?” on Friday 21st January at the M3 Job Club to find out.

It’s all about the brand, baby!
Business Presenter: Maxine Hart, Operations Director of Wote Street People
Host: Malcolm Hawkins

What’s in it for you?
As a Director of one of the largest recruitment agencies in the area, Maxine will focus your attention of how to stand out in the crowd from the Agency/employer perspective. This session firmly puts you in the driving seat of presenting a focused picture relevant to many different job opportunity scenarios

If you would like to join us this Friday, please email us…