We are looking forward  to our Zoom session this Friday 2nd December (9.30am-12.30pm), which will be Communication Skills Using DISC, presented by Nikki Wild, Director of Wild Empowerment – Executive and Business Coaching – Growing Businesses. Developing People.

Session Overview

  • Recognising the key DISC styles.
  • Influence of DISC on communication, decision making and relationships.
  • Strengths and challenges for each DISC profile component.
  • DISC style communication preferences.

Reasons to attend

  • Deal more effectively with others
  • Promote your positive attributes with confidence
  • Build rapport in relationships more quickly and effectively

What you’ll leave with

  • Awareness of your main DISC influences
  • Tips for recognising DISC styles in others so that you can respond appropriately
  • Understanding of how to adapt your communication in order to be heard

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