Along with our Friday morning workshops we have several offerings via one of our corporate partners, Lenovo.

We have been running the buddy programme for more than a year and currently there are over 40 Lenovo staff members signed up as a buddy.

What is a buddy? The buddy programme is fully-funded and open to all M3JC members. You will be teamed up with a Lenovo employee with whom you will have regular communications. Your buddy is a valuable ear and sounding board when you’re looking for a job; providing someone objective to talk to about the challenges and opportunities you face.

Our members who have used the buddying service have found this very valuable.

How do you sign-up? It’s as simple as 1,2,3…

Simply, put your name forward to ‘Lorraine’ at one of our Friday morning M3JC workshops

Lorraine will contact Lenovo who will then allocate you a suitable buddy.

Your buddy will make contact you directly.

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