Lenovo has been a key supporter of the M3 Job Club (M3JC) since October 2021. The Lenovo Foundation provides financial support to the Job Club, but the biggest impact to the Job Club comes from the support of Lenovo volunteers. To date, 44 Lenovo employees across UK & Ireland have volunteered their time to support someone out of work. This activity happens on an ongoing basis throughout the year, not just during our Global Month of Service.

The Lenovo volunteers all find it a very rewarding experience; a great way to give back to the community and help those in need.

We currently run four programs to support the M3 Job Club:

  • Lenovo Buddy Scheme – we pair a Lenovo person with an M3JC person and provide a friendly listening ear, time for a chat, CV reviews, interview practice. It is a very flexible arrangement, and the Lenovo buddy provides whatever support is required on an individual basis. This buddy relationship typically lasts 3 to 6 months. To date we have provided one-to-one support for 63 members of the Job Club, of which 27 have found jobs.
  • Technology Upskill Programme – this is a full day where we invite 12 people into the Lenovo office and give them hands on experience of technology in the modern hybrid office. We have 8 Lenovo volunteers who give talks on The Future of Technology, Communication styles and digital body language, problem solving, using Outlook and OneNote to manage your time efficiently, Artificial Intelligence and its impact on jobs. Participants also get hands on experience of using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to collaborate. We have held 5 Technology Upskill days which have been attended by 53 members of the Job Club. Our next day is being planned for early 2024.
  • Job Shadowing Day – we have 2 Lenovo volunteers (Ruth Miller & Jess Drakes) who take individuals from the Job Club, bring them into the office for a work shadowing day. They see what life is like in the world of Solutions, Services and Sales. They attend internal and customer meetings and experience project management and sales activity. To date, 12 members of the Job Club have attended a job shadowing day.
  • Technology Health Clinic – this runs every 16 weeks as part of the M3 Job Club’s rolling program of events. Darren Rolfe and James Morrish spend a morning talking about Technology in the modern office and what the future might bring. This is followed by a hands-on clinic to solve people’s technical problems with their laptops, tablets and phones. To date we have held 4 Technology Health Clinics and each clinic has been attended by around 20 members of the Job Club.

Gill Cheesewright – Partner Business Manager of the M3 Job Club said:

The support from Lenovo is invaluable to the M3 Job Club. Tangible support to our members increases their ability to get back to a fulfilling career. Each and every one of the Lenovo partnership initiatives plays to this. Once our members secure work the impact on their lives and family support network is immeasurable.

If you want to get involved, please contact us to find out more information, or sign-up to become an M3JC member.