Basingstoke Gateway: Bringing Investment, Jobs and Growth

We are looking forward to welcoming our members to our session this Friday 23rd February (9am-12.30pm) which will be “Basingstoke Gateway: Bringing Investment, Jobs and Growth”.

What’s in it for you?

An exciting opportunity to learn, first-hand, from Newlands Developments about the 1091 local jobs that will be created by Basingstoke Gateway a new development just off junction 7 of the M3; a regeneration project consisting of potentially 6 Distribution centres on the Oak Down Farm land.

The vast array of jobs available, both during construction stage and when operational, will include 600 professional occupations: Managerial, Directors, Associate Technical roles, Sales and Customer Service, Secretarial/Administration roles and more…

Newlands Developments and Cavendish Consulting are partners of the M3 Job Club and Gill Cheesewright, Partner Business Manager for the M3 Job Club, will be hosting this session.

Not only does M3 Job Club harbour a pool of talent, expertise and skills for this new development to draw from, but this is also an exclusive opportunity for our members to engage with these potential employers and be empowered from being involved at this early stage.

Below is a a brief synopsis of what the session will include:

Session overview

10:00am – Introductions

10:10am – Presentation on Basingstoke Gateway, covering:

⭐About Newlands

⭐The local need for logistics

⭐The proposals for logistics development at Basingstoke Gateway

⭐ Job creation and investment

⭐Next steps and how you can get involved

10:30am-11:30am – Question and answer session

NB The Newlands team will have iPads where anyone who wishes to can submit a comment in support of the application to the Basingstoke & Deane planning portal.


John Barker – Senior Development Director, Newlands

Ben Taylor – Planning Director, Newlands

Sarah Maguire – Head of Social Value, Fusion21

⭐Venue: The Ridgeway Community Centre, Blackdown Close, Buckskin, Basingstoke, Hants, RG22 5BW⭐

⭐Please arrive for 9.00 am for set up, refreshments and networking with other members; support and share ideas, successes and what has not worked so well with your job search experience. The main session will start at 10 am.

⭐Refreshments will be provided

⭐Free Carparking

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