Our Next Session Will Be:

Goal Mapping Your Career Success 

On: Friday 5th April 2024, 9.30am-12.30pm

Venue: This Session Will Be On Zoom

Skill: Personal Development

In a fast-changing world, being able to set and achieve goals is a master life skill.
Learning the technical and soft skills for a role is only part of the success recipe and it can be easy for people to lose sight of their original dreams and aspirations for their career as the immediate demands of life take over.
This enlightening workshop introduces the tool which is helping millions
of individuals worldwide and is being used by companies such as BT
and Microsoft to achieve accelerated success time and time again.

  • Understand and harness the power of positive thinking
  • Raise your DAC Factor
  • The 7 fundamentals of effective goal setting
  • Access the Goal Mapping System to create your own Goal Map

Presenter: Nikki Wild, Director, Wild Empowerment Ltd

Host: Malcolm Hawkins