Members’ Benefits

Our Members

Through joining the M3 Job Club as a member you’ll be able to access an excellent variety of resources, support and guidance throughout your job search. We aim to provide a weekly support network that enables you to develop the skills that you’ll need on your journey. You are able to join us each Friday for useful and interesting sessions with career and local business experts. You’ll also be able to gain invaluable feedback from individuals who have previously been in your current position. When you log in you will be able to see all of the free resources that can help you with your search. Members are also provided access to our Dropbox share with loads of articles, jobs and other research material to help your job search.

Our Members Say

"I really will miss the M3 Job Club; it’s down to you and all the coaches there that I stayed positive, adapted my CV and presentations and focused on the right things. Thank you."