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Fishing for Jobs


Source: Lance Greenfield My job search reminds me of days when I went fishing on the banks of the River Tay at the North Inch in Perth. I used to go out before dawn and spend all day casting my flies out onto the rippling surface of that beautiful river. There were times [...]

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My Personal Thoughts of Being Unemployed


  Professional inactivity – it’s one of those ghastly feelings which we all wish we never have to encounter. But unfortunately, with companies restructuring and shedding staff as a result, it is something which will affect most people along their career path. After my last job terminated suddenly last April (2017), it was with a [...]

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A happy ending…


The M3JC is a paradox.  On the one hand it encourages new members who will benefit from its invaluable (FREE) services.  On the other hand, the trustees want to lose members as quickly as possible, providing their departure is due to those members finding work of course – after all that is the club’s raison [...]

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A journey through unemployment…


A former CEO, Tony Docker, explains how the M3 Job Club has provided invaluable support after he became unemployed through redundancy and is helping to support him through building up his self-confidence and resilience in finding his next role. Nothing ever prepares you for redundancy, even if it’s not the first time. This was the [...]

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