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Discover real-life experiences of our members to the M3 Job Club. Our Case Studies highlight the process of the M3 Job Club programme and how it has been successful for our members. Click on the Case Study for more details.

Kevin PDate Secured Job: 5 March 2018
“My CV was 10 years old and LinkedIn the less said the better!”

Here are some of my top tips I learned along the way, whilst job searching…

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Steve PDate Secured Job: 14 February 2018
“I had been struggling with my job search for many months and couldn’t understand where I was going wrong and why I was continually being rejected. The M3 Job Club was able to provide me with the information that answered many of these questions and ultimately led to me finding my way back to employment”.

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Nigel BDate Secured Job: 12 March 2018
“My cheese moved in 2011, large corporate, good job, it is still moving. Being with people in the same boat at the M3JC helps come to terms with these changes”

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Rajesh SDate Secured Job: 20 March 2018
“The club has been a source of moral and emotional support during a very difficult phase in my career. I saw a number of other professionals in the same boat as myself. Besides, I also made some good friends during my time at the club.”

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Helen RDate Secured Job: 27 March 2018
“I think the M3 Job Club offers great support to those seeking new roles. The camaraderie is fantastic as is the quality of the speakers.”

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Neil WJob Start Date: 23 April 2018
“The M3 Job Club offer a fantastic service to their members. The sessions are always top quality and there is always something new to learn. The partners who supply the sessions should also be congratulated since their time and expertise is given free of charge and they always bring a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that is great to see”.

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Colin SJob Start Date: 20 April 2018
“Over the last few success stories that have been presented, I have been struck by the many different ways that getting back to work can happen. For one, it was a chance “interesting” fact about them in their CV which resonated with an employer, for another it was through the father of one of his son’s children. I have found the same with the Job Club programme that you may be affected by something in one of the lectures in a way that you may not have expected”.

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