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Success Stories


Journeys and Stories of Success

Discover real-life experiences of our members to the M3 Job Club. Our Case Studies highlight the process of the M3 Job Club programme and how it has been successful for our members. Click on the Case Study for more details.

John HughesCurrent member - August 2017
“The M3 Job Club has provided me with both skills and emotional support. Throughout the programme, the volunteer expert presenters have given me many invaluable insights and practical steps”.

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John CDate Secured Job: 04 September 2017
“Joining the M3 Job Club changed my approach to redundancy – I attended some great sessions with some exceptional and inspirational coaches from industry but more importantly, met others who were able to share their experiences of redundancy and how they were coping.

“It was wonderful over the weeks I attended to be able to congratulate other members on gaining their new jobs knowing that eventually I would be buying the cakes- well done M3 Job Club!”

Ian CDate Secured Job: 22 April 2016
This has been my second time with the Club, previously 2014 for about 5 months. I feel the dynamics between the Club and myself has been different this time round.  This being more about self-attitude in part due to my approach to the career and the point I’m at in age and the general needs of finding a similar role/salary.  My decisions and influences are different to that of the first time.

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