Is your PC or phone broken? Is it a bit temperamental, slow, or is something not working as it should? If so, this session is for you 😊.

⭐Session Overview

Overview on technology in the modern office – Collaboration and hybrid working today and in the future

Practical hands on technology clinic to help solve your current technology problems – ensure your PC and phone are secure and safe.

⭐Reasons to attend

Learn how to keep your PC and phone healthy

Learn best practice tips about what to do in advance before something breaks

Ask your own “how do I do this ..?” questions and solve your technology problems

⭐What you’ll leave with

Understanding of technology in the modern workplace

Understanding of how to keep your PC and phone fit and healthy – your concerns addressed

⭐What you need to do now

Register your interest to attend the session here and ensure you answer the additional questions with any hardware, OS and applications issues you want solved by 17:00 on Wednesday 22nd November:

⭐ ⭐


❗❗Please bring your laptop / phone with you on the day so that we can help fix your issues.


Presenters: Darren Rolfe and James Morrish, Lenovo

Host: Gill Cheesewright, Partner Business Manager, M3 Job Club


We look forward to welcoming you!


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